A Five-String Banjo Sourcebook


Vient de paraître


Gérard De Smaele

Août 2019 - 22,50 € - Format : 155 x 240 - 206 pages
ISBN : 978-2-343-17609-3 EAN : 9782343176093


  • Tony Thomas

    People do not pay enough thanks to you and others like you who produce knowledge, not just your own thinking, or theories, but try to bring people in contact with the real information that the people who created the banjo from the beginning and crucially the players of the late 19th and early 20th century both folk, but especially show business, and parlor, made. This heritage and knowledge is of fundamental importance ot real understanding of the banjo or of the times and cultures it has lived through. From my own experience, I sometimes think this is a thankless task confronted with the tendency for misknowledge to prevail, but at least I hope I and many other can join in thanking Gerard for all the hard painstaking work it has been to share so much with the world. People should Google Gerard and Archive dot com to see how much he has produced and freely provided. Thanks for your friendship and your inspiring work.
    October 12, 2023

  • B.M.G. by David Cotton - December 2019
  • Gérard De Smaele has released “A Five-String Banjo Sourcebook: A selected documentation,” from L’Harmattan, a list of banjo material that De Smaele describes as “essential documentary sources... of the history and meaning of the five-string banjo,” and that is a companion to his 2015 “Banjo Attitudes” (a French publication).
    The sourcebook (which is in English) lists banjo-related monographs (or articles), banjo catalogs, music books and methods (by style), periodicals, banjo reference books, recordings and liner notes, films, players (by style), banjo builders, banjo academic centers, and websites. For sale from Elderly.

    Donald Nitchie, BNL, October 2019.
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